Achievement through active participation and collaboration

"Young people learn best when their families support and encourage them". – Every Child Matters.

"We know that young people learn best when their experiences are relevant and enjoyable". – Council for the Curriculum Exams and Assessment.


One of the changes proposed by the Primary Curriculum Review is “Creating a less prescriptive curriculum that increases flexibility for personalisation.”

The Proposed Primary Curriculum includes several goals and essential skills. The goals include:

The Proposed Primary Curriculum suggests skills and understanding which may be particularly applicable to Dance and Drama:

Essentials for Learning and Life

Learning and thinking skills:

Personal and emotional skills:

Social skills:

Understanding the arts

Key skills:

Breadth of learning:

The comparatively small size of a Primary school often means that it has not sufficient expertise to meet all the specialist requirements for Dance and Drama from within its own resources. Even the most imaginative primary classroom is no substitute for the rich experience that an external Dance and Drama specialist can bring through regular sessions or via a larger project, and the use of a Dance/Drama specialist can be a very cost-effective way of meeting the targets proposed by the Primary Curriculum Review.

Key stage 3

Embedding Dance within PE and Drama within English creates a problem: Subject teachers lack expertise in embedded subjects and may not feel confident in moving outside their usual boundaries. This can lead to a neglect of the potential of Dance and Drama to enrich the curriculum.

The solution is to bring in external specialists who can provide short regular input, or longer projects to supplement the curriculum available from within the school’s own resources. This broadens and enhances the curriculum to meet the aims of providing the learner with enjoyable opportunities to achieve; and of challenging them to work collaboratively to reach a goal. In larger projects, there is often the opportunity to involve families and the local community.

Key Stage 4, 14-19

The 14-19 curriculum, because of the traditional focus on examination results, always creates a tension between maximising a learner’s potential within the areas where their strengths lie, and broadening their experience to develop a well-rounded student. An external specialist in Dance and Drama is valuable in stretching and challenging students who are following a Diploma in Creative and Media, for example. However, an external specialist can be equally valuable in providing new educational experiences for those whose primary studies are not in Dance or Drama